Gujarat HC judge jokes on summoning Shah Rukh Khan to court for hearing

Justice Nikhil Kariel of the Gujarat high court on February 17, learning Shah Rukh Khan’s petition on charges slapped against him for a stampede inflicted at the Baroda railway station where the star passed through in 2017 during the publicity of his Raees, said that he would ask SRK to send an apology letter to the complainant. The judge humorously inferred on the classification of chaos that would ensue if a Baroda court were to conduct a trial against the star. He made it clear that he was commenting in a lighter vein, referring to the chaos that occurred at the station five years ago due to the presence of Shah Rukh Khan in a Delhi-bound train that had curtailed at Baroda station. He inquired the complainant to imagine what chaos would be created if the trial had to take place in a Baroda court, as demanded by him.

Gujarat HC judge jokes on summoning Shah Rukh Khan to court for hearing

One person had died and two cops had collapsed following the panic on January 23, 2017. The complaint was filed by local Congressman Jitendra Solanki, following which the police filed an announcement against the actor, and the court took cognisance of it. IPC categories were invoked against Shah Rukh.

During the hearing, proponent for the complainant, R N Singh, acknowledged that it was irresponsible behaviour on part of the celebrity that he threw T-shirts and balls to the crowd and caused chaos. There are sections of IPC invoked against him.

Shah Rukh approached the court for quashing the FIR when he was issued summons by the court. The high court in July 2017 stayed the trial.

Khan’s advocate Mihir Thakore asserted that the man who died had cardiac issues and his family had also admitted to it. He argued that only Section 336 of IPC lies in this case in which the punishment is up to three months or Rs 250 fine or both. The court has posted a further hearing on this case on February 24.

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